Maple French Toast Waffles with Crumbled Bacon

Maple French Toast Waffles with Crumbled Bacon

Many of us have waffle irons and rarely use them.  Why?  It just seems like a hassle to measure and mix up the batter, then heat up the iron, then have to cook them with batter dripping all over.  This recipe takes one of the steps out of the equation – just dip slices of bread into n blended and flavored egg and milk mixture (turn on the waffle iron when you crack the eggs so it’s hot), as though you were making French toast, then cook them in the waffle iron.  Using precooked bacon that you microwave or even bacon crumbles from a jar make this haute cuisine recipe as easy as fixing scrambled eggs.  And it’s perfect for Brinner (breakfast for dinner)!

2 eggs

¼ cup milk

1 teaspoon maple flavoring or extract

1 teaspoon butter emulsion or flavoring

4 – ½” thick slices bread (Challah, Brioche, Sweet Italian, etc.)

Cooking spray

Cooked, drained, crumbled bacon

Serve with butter, maple syrup

  • Combine eggs, milk, and flavoring in a pie plate. Heat a waffle iron.
  • Dip 2 bread slices in the egg mixture, letting the mixture soak in. Turn, and let soak in on that side.
  • Spray the hot waffle iron and place two slices on it, close, and cook. Repeat with remaining bread slices.
  • Serve, topped with crumbled bacon, butter and maple syrup.

Think out of the box recipes:  Use 1 teaspoon each of strawberry flavoring and almond flavoring in place of maple and butter flavor.  Make recipe as above.  Serve, topped with almonds, OR put a scoop of strawberry ice cream between two French toast waffles for a strawberry ice cream sandwich!

Makes 2 servings 

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